Online DUI Alcohol and Drug Screening

99.9% of all DUI arrests must complete a DUI Screening. When the incident results in an Admin Per Se ticket, the DUI arrest does not have to progress to a conviction for the screening to remain a requirement. The initial arrest triggers a Compliance Status on your driving record, requiring a completed screening to satisfy the status. The DUI Alcohol and Drug Screening is just one of the penalties associated with the DUI.

DUI Penalties

According to Arizona Revised Statue 28-1381 first time offenders of Arizona’s zero-tolerance DUI laws are subject to:

  • A minimum is ten days in jail; however, nine days may be suspended, and a maximum of six months.
  • A base fine of $250, which can increase up to $2500
  • Driver’s license suspension ranging from 90 to 360 days
  • Installation of an ignition interlock for 12 months
  • Complete a drug/alcohol screening
  • Alcohol education (Per Arizona DUI Services Clinical Director, first-time offenders with a BAC .15 and higher will be recommended 36 hours of DUI Treatment)

When do you need Arizona DUI Services?

Arizona DUI Services is not a Law firm, so we won’t be able to provide any direction regarding potential jail time or the total amount of your fines. However, time is the only cure for your driver’s license suspension. If you need assistance with an ignition interlock, we can recommend a trusted company and save you money. Where Arizona DUI Service is capable of shining is when you are ready to complete your alcohol and drug screening. The AZ Courts and the MVD require alcohol and drug screening. There needs to be a better understanding regarding Alcohol and Drug Screenings. As a result, we often get calls from individuals looking to complete a urinalysis. The MVD-required screening is not a urinalysis but a one-on-one assessment with a behavioral health professional. The MVD-required alcohol and drug screening is an assessment that will determine which treatment option is best for your situation.

The Alcohol and Drug Screening is an assessment

Arizona DUI Services uses the Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test (MAST) as our DUI Screening assessment tool. The assessment will ask a series of questions with yes or no answers. The questions will focus on your history of drug and alcohol use, not just the most recent incidents. Each yes and no response is assigned a value. The sum of your answers brings insight to the Screening, helping them determine if the client participates in hazardous drinking or experiencing alcohol dependency. The Screening also determines the level of your treatment.

Guidance, not Judgement

I want to be clear and transparent. We at Arizona DUI Services understand that people can make poor decisions, and the effects of drugs and alcohol lower inhibitions, magnifying poor decision-making. We are not here to judge anybody. Our goal is to encourage our clients to start making better decisions and be a bright light in the darkness that surrounds the DUI experience.

Improving life through electronic privacy

Our mission is to encourage our clients, and we can do that by preserving their privacy through our electronic online Alcohol and Drug Screening. You can complete your DUI Screening quickly and privately with our user-friendly website. With Arizona DUI Services, you will create your user account. Pay for and schedule your screening. Once you confirm your DUI Screening appointment, you will get a confirmation email from Calendly. Inside the Calendly email is a link to connect with our Screener to complete your MVD-required Alcohol and Drug Screening. When completing your screening, open the email on a smart device or a laptop/desktop with a camera function and click the provided link. Your DUI screening will take about 30 minutes, and once completed, Arizona DUI Services will report it to the MVD and send a copy of the Screener’s note to the courthouse you are working with.

Arizona DUI Services

When you have been arrested for a DUI offense and are looking for a professional and discrete organization to complete your MVD-required Alcohol and Drug Screening, you have come to the right place. If you have any questions, please call Paul at 602 882-4968. If you are ready to move forward, you can start your registration today and click the link at the bottom of the page.

DUI Alcohol and Drug Screening


You will need an internet connection and a smart device/computer with a camera function to complete your DUI screening. You will also need proof that you need a DUI Screening by submitting a copy of your citation, court documents, or an extended certified MVR. Lastly, a copy of a state-issued ID is required. With the photo ID and records showing you need a screening Arizona DUI Services’ reporting to the courts and MVD will be completed on time.

**** Minors under 18 need court or case manager approval for DUI screening by Arizona DUI Services, as per ADHS policies.****

  1. Pay for your Screening
  2. Complete your profile
  3. Schedule your screening
  4. Email your ticket to [email protected] to confirm your BAC. ***Failure to verify your BAC may delay the reporting of your screening to the MVD/Courts and a recommendation of 36 hours of DUI Treatment.***
  5. Upload your state-issued ID to your dashboard or email it to [email protected]
  6. Complete your Alcohol and Drug Screening
  7. The MVD will be notified of your completed Alcohol and Drug Screening
  8. Arizona DUI Services will email you a copy of the results of the screening and a copy of the MVD confirmation for your records
  9. copy of the MVD confirmation for your records
  10. Per the discretion of our Clinical Director, first-time offenders with a BAC of .15 and higher will be recommended 36 hours of DUI Treatment
  11. ***Anyone who misses two screening appointments will have to make another payment of $75 to schedule the third appointment***

Screenings with Arizona DUI Services are valid for 12 months.

*** Please be advised that our screening appointments may be fully booked for the next seven business days ***

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