Online 16-Hour DUI Education


Arizona DUI Services has online 16-hour DUI Education that will keep you engaged and increase your alcohol and substance use knowledge. If you have been convicted of a DUI or pled to a lesser charge, you likely need 16 Hours of DUI Education. The problem is a modest amount of confusion related to MVD required or court-ordered DUI Education. I’d like to clarify some misunderstandings associated with 16 Hours of DUI Education.

How Do You Get DUI Classes?

Level 2 offenders are generally individuals with a low blood alcohol content (BAC) and are first-time offenders. Therefore, 16 Hours of DUI Education is the typical recommendation for Level 2 DUI offenders. Not all Level 2 offenders are necessarily assigned 16 Hours of DUI education by the MVD. The total of the DUI offender’s circumstances (BAC, property damage, physical injury, etc.) will factor into the MVD’s decision to require 16 Hours of Education. However, 99.9% of DUI arrests will need a DUI Alcohol and Drug Screening, and the DUI screening is an assessment tool. The Alcohol and Drug Screening will generate a recommendation for treatment. Arizona DUI Services sends the results of the Alcohol and Drug Screening to the courts, and they will add the screening and the recommendation from the Screener to your case file.

Court Ordered Alcohol Education

When the Courts receive the screening notes and see the recommended treatment. They will uphold the professional recommendation. The confusion lies in the Courts vs. MVD. The MVD may not require you to complete any DUI Education to get your restricted license. However, the courts may request that you complete the 16-Hour DUI Education course. We have had multiple clients wait to start their DUI education program immediately after the DUI Alcohol and Drug, only to come back to us months later because the courts insisted they complete the course. The MVD is interested in you meeting the requirements to reinstate your license. The Courts are interested in your rehabilitation—two goals for one common occurrence.

Online 16-Hour DUI Education

If you are not interested in spending two Saturdays or an entire weekend driving to a physical location, sitting in a room with people you don’t know, and fighting the Z monster to complete your DUI Education Course, Arizona DUI Services is for you! Arizona DUI Services provides 24-hour access to our 16-hour online DUI education. With 24-hour access, you can do as much or as little as you like when you choose to. It is not uncommon for our clients to complete the entire online alcohol class in 1 day. Whether you finish it in one day or take a few weeks, it is all up to you because it is all online.


What is in the 16 Hour DUI Education

The Arizona Department of Health Services outlines the 16-hour DUI Education content. They have 11 separate items the course is required to cover. We have turned the 11 items into Five Modules.

At the beginning of the course, you will take a pre-test to evaluate your current knowledge of alcohol and drug use.

Module 1

Take a look into the Physiological Effects of Alcohol and Drug Use. The module covers Alcohol, Cannabis, Opiates, Methamphetamine and Cocaine. The effects of each substance are discussed using Mental Health research and statistics. To strengthen the content we created, we have carefully selected YouTube clips about your brain on Marijuana, MDMA, and Drugs.

Module 2

Investigate blood alcohol content (BAC), alcohol’s impact on motor vehicle operating, criminal penalties for a DUI conviction, and alternatives to driving impaired. This module focuses on BAC. What is BAC, how is it measured, and what is an in-depth look at the various levels of impairment? The supplemental videos in this module focus on the alternatives to driving impaired.

Module 3

Discover the Psychological and Sociological Effects of Alcohol and Drug Use. In this module, you will examine the impact drugs and alcohol have on your mind, emotions, and personality. As a result of the psychological impact of alcohol and drugs, there are significant consequences socially and economically. The third module will discuss psychological, social, and economic aspects. The supporting videos in this module will introduce you to Alcohol Use Disorders (AUD) and Substance Use Disorders (SUD). The introduction gives you a basic understanding of the differences between use disorders and addictions.

Module 4

Take an Alcohol and Drug Use self-assessment. This module gives you a peek into how the mental health field views alcohol and substance use. The supplemental videos will provide an alternative perspective to addiction and help you identify some common risk factors of drug use and abuse.

Module 5

The final module allows you to look into various approaches to Alcohol Use Disorders (AUD) and Substance Use Disorders (SUD) treatments, treatment facilities, community resources for substance abuse treatment, and self-help groups. One of the supporting videos will pull back the curtain and take a deeper look into Celebrate Recovery. The other video explains the various stages of alcoholism.

Lastly, your 16-hour DUI Education’s final hurdle is passing the Final exam. You will need to score 70% to pass but will have multiple attempts should you need them. It is not uncommon for our clients to complete the 16-hour DUI Education course in one day.


*** The first video of each module does not have sound***

To complete your 16-hour DUI Education course, you will need an internet connection and a smart device/computer. You will also need proof that you need the 16-hour course by submitting a copy of your screening note (if you completed a screening with another facility) and MVD correspondence; you are eligible for the interlock deferral program or court documents. Lastly, a copy of a state-issued ID is required. Arizona DUI Services reporting will be on time with the photo ID and proof you need to complete the Education.

  •     Create your user account
  •     Pay for your service
  •     If you completed a screening with a facility, upload the Screener’s notes into            your dashboard
  •     Access your education through your user dashboard
  •     Complete education in sequential order
  1.    Complete a pre-test to check your knowledge
  2.    The Physiological Effects of Alcohol and Drug Use
  3.    Understanding Blood Alcohol Content/ Alcohol’s Impact on Operating a Motor           Vehicle/ Criminal Penalties for DUI Convictions/ Alternatives to Driving Impaired
  4.    The Psychological and Sociological Effects of Alcohol and Drug Use
  5.    Self-Assessment of Alcohol and Drug Use
  6.    Substance Abuse Treatments/Resources Available in the Community for Substance Abuse Treatment/Self-Help Groups like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA),       Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and Celebrate Recovery
  • At the end of each module is a short quiz which will be answered in 3-5 short sentences
  • Upon completing all five modules, there is the final exam. You are required to earn 70% on the final exam but will have multiple attempts to achieve the desired outcome
  • Certificate of completion will be available for download once you pass your final exam
  • The MVD will be notified of your completed 16 Hour DUI Education course

**Your DUI education will need to be completed in 8 weeks from the start date of your first class**

Robin Fernandez is the Licensed Independent Substance Abuse Counselor (LISAC) and is available to answer any of your questions or concerns Monday – Thursday from 10 am to 4 pm.


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