20 Hours of DUI Treatment

20 Hours of DUI Treatment is an element of the 36-hour DUI Treatment. To determine if you need 20 Hours of DUI Treatment, you should complete a DUI Alcohol and Drug Screening. The screening is an assessment tool that gives the Screener guidance when recommending how many hours of treatment the individual needs.

Recommended Treatment Hours Are Not Subjective

Mental health and medical professionals have created a format for identifying Level 1 DUI clients. The DUI Alcohol and Drug Screening has a matrix incorporated, making the outcome more impartial. Level 1 DUI clients are less likely to be identified based on an opinion by setting an objective standard for screeners. Arizona Department of Health Services (AZDHS) utilizes the term Level 1 DUI Offender. The AZDHS categorizes DUI offenders into Level 2 offenders and Level 1 offenders. Level 2 offenders must complete 16 Hours of DUI Education. Level 1 offenders must meet a minimum of 36 Hours of Treatment. So, according to the AZDHS, individuals most likely to be recommended 36 Hours of DUI treatment will fall into one of the following three categories.


  1. First, an individual arrested or convicted of two or more alcohol or drug-related offenses. Keep in mind those offenses do not have to be motor vehicle-related.
  2. Second, the individual had a BAC of .15 or higher at the time of the arrest and has one of the following supplemental events: (1) a history of alcohol and drug abuse, (2) admits to having a problem controlling their alcohol and drug use, (3) has been diagnosed with a substance abuse or organic brain disease resulting from substance abuse, (4) has experienced symptoms of withdrawal from alcohol or drug use that included hallucinations; seizures; or delirium or has been diagnosed with alcohol-related medical conditions like liver disease, pancreatitis, or cardiomyopathy by a medical professional.
  3. Finally, the individual meets at least three of the following conditions;
    • Had an alcohol concentration of .08 or higher at the time of the arrest
    • Had been arrested or convicted for an alcohol or drug-related arrest
    • Has experienced a decrease in attendance or productivity at work or school due to alcohol or drug use
    • Has experienced family, peer, or social problems associated with alcohol or drug use
    • Responded during the screening in a way that indicated substance abuse
    • Previously participated in substance abuse education or treatment for problems associated with alcohol or drug use
    • Has experienced blackouts as a result of alcohol or drug use
    • Passed out as a result of alcohol or drug use
    • Has experienced symptoms of withdrawal from alcohol or drug use, including shakes, illness relieved by resumed alcohol or drug use; experienced irritability, nausea, or anxiety
    • Exhibits a psychological dependence on drugs or alcohol
    • Has experienced an increase in consumption, a change in tolerance, or a change in the pattern of alcohol or drug use
    • Has experienced personality changes associated with alcohol and drug use

36-Hour Treatment vs. 20-Hour Treatment

As a result, when you fit into one of the previous categories, you are considered a Level 1 DUI Client and will be recommended 36 hours of DUI Treatment. The 36 hours of treatment consists of 16 hours of DUI Education and 20 Hours of DUI treatment. The 20 hours of treatment is generally acquired through group sessions. However, here at Arizona DUI Services, we offer our 20 Hours of DUI treatment virtually.


For the 20 hours of group sessions, we have recorded our License Independent Substance Abuse Counselor (LISAC) Robin during a few of her group sessions. There are a total of 10 videotaped sessions you will watch. Some sessions will have supplemental videos designed to reinforce the session focus. You will receive worksheets in an email, which you can use to follow along with the corresponding sessions. You will have 24-hour access to the 20 hours of DUI Treatment. Having 24-hour access to the treatment puts you in control of when and how much Treatment you complete each day.


So, there you have it. Level 1 DUI Offenders get 36 Hours of DUI Treatment. The 36 Hours of DUI Treatment is 20 hours of group sessions and 16 hours of DUI Education. The difference between the Level 1 and Level 2 offenders is the individual’s history of alcohol and drug use. Statistically, a history of drug and alcohol use increases the probability of being arrested for another DUI. The additional treatment recommended to the Level 1 DUI Offender is in place to decrease the likelihood of another DUI. The focus of the 20-hour DUI Treatment is to provide additional information. You should use the additional information to understand better how alcohol and drugs impact your behavior. Using the 20-hour DUI Treatment information to create healthier habits and coping skills is beneficial.

20-Hour Treatment Process

To complete your 20-hour DUI Treatment course, you will need an internet connection and a smart device/computer. You will also need proof you need the 20-hour course by submitting a copy of your screening note (if another facility completed your screening) or court documents. Lastly, a copy of a state-issued ID is required. With the photo ID and proof you need to complete the Treatment, Arizona DUI Services’ reporting to the courts and MVD will be timely.

  • Create your user account
  • Pay for your 20-Hour DUI Treatment
  • If you completed your DUI Alcohol and Drug screening with another facility, upload your screening notes to your dashboard
  • Upload your state-issued ID to your user dashboard
  • Access your treatment program from your dashboard
  • Complete your 20 Hour treatment in sequential order;

20-Hour DUI Treatment Content


  1. Communication – Learn different communication styles, which style you use, and which is best. Look into how alcohol and substance use and abuse complicate communication. Understand the critical difference between I and You statements. Lastly, learn about verbal and non-verbal communication.
  2. Conflict Resolution – Understand how relationships are affected by alcohol and substance use and abuse. Define conflict resolution; learn how to use conflict resolution in recovery. Understand how conflict arises at home, work, and in your relationships, how it escalates, and the harm in ignoring it. Understand emotions and conflict. Learn conflict resolution techniques and the benefits of healthy conflict.
  3. Managing Stress – Define and identify positive and adverse events. Discover ways to manage stress effectively through various techniques and better habits.
  4. Cravings and Triggers – Describe cravings and triggers. Investigate how the brain recalls alcohol and drugs. Explore methods of coping with cravings and identifying personal triggers.
  5. Healthy Relationships – Look at what is and isn’t a healthy relationship. Identify techniques to grow healthy relationships. Recognize unhealthy habits leading to dysfunctional relationships.
  6. Healing Anxiety and Depression – Discover clinical and practical ways you can start to heal anxiety and depression. Identify underlying issues and healthy ways to address them.
  7. Family Counseling – Watch a family counseling session and hear how drugs and alcohol affect family dynamics and can impact mental and emotional growth.
  8. When a Man Loves a Woman – Watch a movie that unpacks the complexity of being married to a person with an addiction.
  9. Follow up to When a Man Loves a Woman – Dive into the unhealthy marital relationship and learn how to overcome the dysfunction.
  10. Recap and resources – Take one last look at the past nine sessions, discuss the highlights, and explore additional resources to help you shape healthier habits and develop coping skills.

Once you complete the 20-treatment course, Arizona DUI Services will send you a certificate of completion. Just to let you know, you are expected to work through the worksheets independently.


If you have been arrested for a DUI and are looking to complete your DUI Alcohol and Drug Screening, Arizona DUI Services is here to help! Arizona DUI Services is licensed and approved to offer the recommended DUI treatment. The beauty of our services is that they are entirely online, making them convenient. Our services are MVD-approved, making them relevant, and our services are affordable, making them valuable. Click here to start your 20 Hours of Treatment today.

Robin Fernandez is the Licensed Independent Substance Abuse Counselor (LISAC) and is available to answer any of your questions or concerns Monday – Thursday from 10 am to 4 pm.